Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I've been lazy........again

I have been slack with my blogging for the past few weeks, so I do apologize for that! With class, homework (which although doesn't have due dates, I feel very behind as classmates hand their work books up), gym and nails my life has been hectic lately!

Anyway, I did mean to post these last week, I wore them on Friday! ( I also have manis from earlier last week to show you :S ) These are Sally Hansen Nail Strips in Groove. My first time with nail strips, and I did not enjoy it...

Left top/Right bottom - in sunlight
Left bottom/Right top - indoors

As you can see, they are totally different colours in different light... and I don't think that was intended. Neither 'shade' show the true colour, it's about halfway between these.

Applying them, frankly, was a bitch. You can see that my pinky isn't covered properly. Thats because I struggled to put them on, and the only one that was left that would fit my nail was that one lol. I did manage to ruin a few, at least 4 I think! They're very fiddly, I couldn't get them to stay down, they peeled, and I don't think I would wear them again. They were also really bad to remove. Sticky and goopy and annoyingly time consuming.

The only good things about them were that I loved the colour, I really did, and that I didn't have to wait for them to dry. Though I did sub-consciously keep thinking that my polish was wet lol!

I usually love everything I post, so this is hard for me to publish. But, its my honest opinion and experience, I'm sure others have had different. I would love to hear of some good experiences though, so feel free to share!

Until next time

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