Thursday, 9 February 2012

Milani Hi-Tech (pic heavy)

Green. Holo. Two of my favourite words EVER and when you put them together, I almost pee my pants with excitement. And I nearly did with this one! Milani Hi-Tech from the 3d Holographic range. A bright green with yellow tinges with a scattered holo effect.

unfortunately, no sun today! 

The holo effect is MUCH stronger than my pics show, as it's cloudy as all hell today, but sitting indoors under a light I cannot stop staring! 

  This is 3 coats, but it would make an awesome layering polish too. 

It's funny, I almost paid $15 for this on ebay, and then got it in my Valentines Nail Mail... I really need to hunt down the rest of them though, this is an amazing polish from start to finish. Application was perfect, it dried quickly, was easy to apply and I needed very little cleanup.

blurry, indoors, with flash
Look at the rainbow in the last pic! I really wish holos were easier to capture!

So, what other polishes from this collection are worth having?

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  1. I picked up two of the Milani holos (the pink and purple ones) at Target on clearance this week. Got them for around $2.50 each! They didn't have this one, but boy is it pretty. I used to not like a scattered effect, but now I really appreciate it. Also, your pictures are great. Holo is hard to capture even when lighting conditions are in your favor.


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