Saturday, 27 April 2013

BYS Caviar for Nails- Walk of Fame

I've never tried Caviar nails before, and when I won a prize from BYS on their Instagram page, I finally have an excuse to try!

The kit I won is called Walk of Fame, and I couldn't be happier! The polish included is called Thunderstruck, from their UV range and an absolute favourite of mine! This jar here will be my 3rd- I really love it. The caviar is not one solid colour, but instead a mix of purple, teals, blue, red and black. Matches the polish perfectly!

These are SUPER easy to do, too. I used 2 coats of Thunderstruck plus topcoat on all fingers bar the ring finger. On my ring fingerI let my first coat dry, and then did a rather thick coat as my 2nd coat and dipped my finger in the pot of beads. These pots are HUGE! Seriously. The size makes it veeeeeeeeery easy to get all of your nail in there and reduces mess significantly. Once I had dipped my nail in, I took it out, and used the brush that is included to brush off the excess and then pressed the beads into my nail gently with a finger, to secure them all.

I wasn't really a fan of the caviar, but after trying it, I have to admit, it's not bad. I also got 2 of the Glitter For Nails sets as a part of my prize that I will show you soon!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec


  1. Looks really pretty! Congrats on winning it :D x

  2. COngrats on winning. I love the mani, I always pick at mine when I try this type, lol.


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